Dr. Richard M. Cooler

Professor Emeritus
Art History of Southeast Asia
Northern Illinois University
Former Director
Center for Burma Studies
Northern Illinois University

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Overview: Purpose, Extended Contents, Acknowledgements, and Geographical Overview

Art History of Burma: Synoptic Overview

Chapter 1 - Prehistoric and Animist Periods c. 1100 BC to c. 200 AD: Paleolithic and Neolithic sites, Animism, and Karen Bronze Drums

Chapter 2 - The Pre-Pagan Period: The Urban Age of the Mon and the Pyu c.200 to c.800 ADMon and Pyu City states: Thaton, Beikthano, Halin, and Srikshetra

Chapter 3 - the Pagan Period c. 800 AD to 1287 AD

  • Part 1 - Introduction and City Plan of Pagan

  • Part 2 - Architecture 1 - General Characteristics and Stupas

  • Part 3 - Architecture 2 - Temples and Monasteries

  • Part 4 - Sculpture, Conclusion, and Bibliography

Chapter 4 - The Post Pagan Period

  • Part 1 - Introduction and the Ava Period

  • Part 2 - The Konbaung Period: Amarapura

  • Part 3 - Mandalay Period

Special Section: 80 Scenes of the Life of Buddha

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