1.  Under Democratic Kampuchea the policy towards religion was:

a.       to provide direct assistance to Buddhism, but not to other religions

b.       to control the spread of Buddhism and restrict the movements of monks

c.       to set out to completely destroy all religion, including Buddhism

d.       to destroy all the religions except Islam


2.  Under the People’s Republic of Kampuchea the policy towards Buddhism was:

a.       to allow the partial restoration of Buddhism, but with tight controls

b.       to only allow men over 50 to ordain as monks

c.       to reinstate Buddhism as the state religion

d.       to allow men to choose to be monks instead of soldiers

e.       only a and b above


3.  Under the State of Cambodia

a.       Buddhism was again made the state religion.

b.       Young men could once again ordain as monks

c.       Khmer from abroad began to return with donations

d.       All of the above

e.       Only a and c above


4.  Since 1993 there has been a dramatic rebuilding of Buddhism in Cambodia characterized by:

a.       a dramatic increase in the number of men ordaining as monks

b.       the rebuilding of large numbers of temples

c.       the republication of Buddhist texts

d.       the reopening of the Buddhist Institute

e.       all of the above.