Lesson 16:  Festivals

        Cambodian people celebrate many festivals each year. Important festivals are New Years, Bon-qom-tuuk (water festival), and Bon-phcum-bin. Khmer people celebrate New Years in April. This festival lasts about three days starting on April 13 or 14 every year. During this time, Khmer people play different games such as bah qANkun), caol chuuN, and tien) pro(et (tugs of war).

        Bon-qom-tuuk usually begins in late October or early November during the rainy season. During this festival people often go to see boat races.

        Bon-phcum-ben is a festival during which people honor the souls of their grandparents, parents and friends who have passed away. Bon-phcum-ben begins in the middle of September or early October each year. During Bon-phcum-ben Khmer people bring foods to offer to monks.