Lesson 2:      Meeting Friend on the Street
មេរៀនទី២: ជួបមិត្ដភកិ្ដតាមផ្លូវ



In this lesson you will learn how to greet in a traditional way.  John and Sok are friends.  John meets sok on the street, when he is on his way to te market and John invites Sok to the market with him.

Listen to the Whole Conversation real.gif (626 bytes)

លោកចន : ទៅណាហ្នឹង សុខ ? spkr.gif (282 bytes)
លោកសុខ : ទៅណោះ មួយភ្លែត។ ចុះចនទៅណាដែរ ? spkr.gif (282 bytes)
លោកចន : ទៅផ្សារ ។ ប្រញ៉ាប់បន្ដិច លាសិនហើយណា។ spkr.gif (282 bytes)
លោកសុខា : បាទ ។ spkr.gif (282 bytes)



Aid to Listening


ទៅណាហ្នឹង សុខ ? thw naa nhN sok ? Where are you going  Sok ? spkr.gif (282 bytes)
ទៅណោះ មួយភ្លែត។ ចុះចនទៅណាដែរ ? thw noh muey plEEt.  coh thw naa John dae? I am going over there for a moment.  And what about you, John? spkr.gif (282 bytes)
ទៅផ្សារ ។ ប្រញ៉ាប់បន្ដិច លាសិនហើយណា។ thw psaa. brOn)ap bantec.  Lie sen haey naa. go to the market.  I am in a hurry. Bye bye now. spkr.gif (282 bytes)
បាទ Baat Yes spkr.gif (282 bytes)


bulletIn spoken, the subject of a sentence sometime is not as important as in English.  For example:

Spoken Language

Full Sentence

ទៅណោះ មួយភ្លែត ខ្ញុំទៅណោះ មួយភ្លែត
ទៅផ្សារ ខ្ញុំទៅផ្សារ
ប្រញ៉ាប់បន្ដិច ខ្ញុំប្រញ៉ាប់បន្ដិច
លាសិនហើយណា។ ខ្ញុំលាសិនហើយណា។
bulletThe greeting phrase "ទៅណាហ្ទឺង សុខ ?" is very common in spoken Khmer.  This greeting is a short form of "លោកសុខអញ្ជើញទៅណា ? " which is formal.
bulletThe particle "ណា " in greeting phrase "ទៅណាហ្ទឺង សុខ ? " is an interrogative adjective.  It is used to form a question requiring specific information.  The full form of particle "ណា" in the interrogative adjective is "ឯណា ".
bulletPhrase "លាសិនហើយណា " is a short form of phrase "ខ្ញុំលាសិនហើយណា"
bulletThe particle "ណា " in phrase "លាសិនហើយណា" is a final hortatory particle.  It is used at the end of imperative sentences to soften the command or to solicit compliance.   You can learn how learn how to use "ណា" in the grammar page in this unit.


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