Lesson 3:   Meeting Old Friend
មេរៀនទី៣: ជួបមិត្ដចាស់



In this lesson you will learn how greet friend who has not met for a long time.

Listen to the Whole Conversation real.gif (626 bytes)

លោក ផល: សួស្ដី សុខា spkr.gif (282 bytes)
លោកស្រីសុខា: ចាស សួស្ដីផល យ៉ាងម៉េចហើយ ? spkr.gif (282 bytes)
លោក ផល: អត់អីទេ ចុះសុខា ? spkr.gif (282 bytes)
លោកស្រីសុខា: ធម្មតា spkr.gif (282 bytes)



Aid to Listening


សួស្ដី សុខា sue sdey sokha Hello or Hi Sokha. spkr.gif (282 bytes)
ចាស សួស្ដីផល យ៉ាងម៉េចហើយ ? caah sue sdey, Paul. yang meich haey ? Hello or Hi, Paul.  How is  everything? spkr.gif (282 bytes)
អត់អីទេ ចុះសុខា ? qAt qii tee.   coh sokha I am fine ( I am o.k), and Sokha? spkr.gif (282 bytes)
ធម្មតា tho(emmedaa As usual spkr.gif (282 bytes)


bulletThe phrase (អត់អីទេ ) is literally means (Nothing) or (Nothing wrong)
bulletThe question (យ៉ាងម៉េចហើយ ?) is a short form of question (អ្នកយ៉ាងម៉េចហើយ ?)
bulletThe response partical ចាស (caah) by women is a polite acknowledgment of aprevious utterance speech by other speakers, whether the previous utterance was a statement or a question.  Following a question, the occurrence of a response particle as the sole constituent of the response implies affirmation.
bulletA negative reply is indecated by a response particle followed by the negative final particle ទេ (ចាសទេ ) or by ទេ alone.
bulletIn exchange between equals, response particles tend to be dis continued after theinitial exchanges.
bulletThe exchange between a superior and an inferior, resonse particles tend to be used through the exchange by the inferior, but may be discontinued or not used at all by the superior party in the exchange.
bulletResponse particles usually occur with a falling intonational countour.


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