Borbo Lpaov
Pumpkin and Potatoes Pudding

    Most of Cambodian desserts are usually made from our garden.  This sweet treat is inexpensive and is very delicious.

bulletIngredients :
bullet2 Cups cooked pumpkin.
bullet1 Cups cooked Jam. ( or Sweet potato)
bullet1 Cups cooked Cassava ( yucca)
bullet1 Cups cooked Taro root.
bullet1 Cup sugar.
bullet1 Cup coconut milk. Prefer Chau Doc brand.
bullet Teaspoon salt.
bullet Teaspoon vanilla.
bullet1 pack 3.5 oz dried tapioca. Soaked in hot water till soft. Drained.
bullet Cup unsalted roast peanut. Crushed.
bulletProcedures :
Using a non-stick pot. Put cooked pumpkin, cassava, jam, tarot and tapioca in the pot. Pour coconut milk and cook in medium heat.Stirs well.
When tapioca cooked, add sugar, salt and vanilla.
Serve hot or warm with crushed peanut on top.



The pumpkin, jam, taro root and cassava (yucca) in this recipe, were peeled, cubes and pumpkinseeds were removed before measured

This recipe is prepared by Mylinh