Treap Bai with Durian
Sticky Rice with Durian

    Durian is the smelly fruit that originate from Borneo, and the name Durian is believe from Malaysian meaning spines, because of the spikes on the outer fruit.  It's the most expensive, and the most sought after fruit in Asia.  You can find durian plantations in one of Cambodian province "Kompot province".

bulletIngredients :
bullet2 Cups un-cook jasmine sweet rice. Rinse.
bullet1 Cup water.
bullet1 large can of coconut milk.
bullet1/2 lb or 1 piece frozen, seedless "Fresh Durian" pulp.  Thaw.
bullet1/2 Teaspoon salt.
bullet1 Teaspoon vanilla extract.
bullet2/3 Cup Palm sugar. Prefer Chau Doc brand. ( you may substitute with regular sugar.)
bulletProcedures :
Cook sweet-rice with one-cup water and vanilla extract in the rice cooker.
When sweet-rice cooked. Separate rice with spatula. Place in a large bowl and set a side.
While the sweet rice cooking. Pour coconut milk in a cooking pot and cook over medium heat.
When the coconut milk boiled, add sugar, salt and Durian. Stirs.
Simmering till the sauce reduce.
Immediately pour the sauce over cooked sweet rice. Mix well.
Serve either warm or cool.


This recipe is prepared by Mylinh