Chicken Stir Fry with Ginger

    Delicious chicken with a taste of sweet ginger flavoring sauce.  This is very popular dish in Cambodia.

bulletIngredients :
bullet Chicken. Cut up to bite size.
bullet Cup minced fresh ginger.
bullet1 Cup water.
bullet2 Tablespoon cooking oil.
bullet2 Tablespoon sugar.
bullet2 Tablespoon fish sauce.
bullet2 Gloves garlic. Minced.
bullet Teaspoon paprika.
bullet Teaspoon salt.
bullet2 Stalks green onion. Chopped.
bullet Teaspoon black pepper
bulletProcedures :
Heat skillet on the stove. When it hot, pour oil, add garlic, ginger, chicken and sugar. Stir.
Keep stirring and cooking tills the meat browning.  Seasoning with fish sauce, salt, paprika and pour water in. Simmering till the meat done.  Add green onion. Stirs.   Sprinkle black pepper before serve hot with rice.

This fry is prepared by Mylinh.