Samlor machu Takuon
Asian Takoun Sour Chicken soup

    Back home, many Khmer prefers this sweet and sour soup cook with fish, fresh water shrimps or beef but I prefer chicken for this tasty soup.

bulletIngredients :
bullet˝ Chicken. Cut to bite side.
bullet6-Cups water.
bullet˝ Cup minced fresh lemon grass.
bullet2-Gloves garlic. Minced.
bullet2-Tablespoons fish sauce.
bullet2 Tablespoon of creamy style tamarind.
bullet1.˝ Tablespoons sugar.
bullet˝ Teaspoon salt.
bullet2-Tablespoon cooking oil.
bullet3- Chopped Hot pepper and add to your taste. (Optional).
bullet1 lb. Asian water spinach (Ta-Kuon). Cut 3 inches length.
bullet˝ Cup of mix herbs ( with green onion,sweet basil leaves, and rice paddy herb (ma-om).
bulletProcedures :
Heat a large soup pot on the stove, when it hot add cooking oil.  Sauté garlic till brown. Remove toasted garlic and put in in a small bowl. Set a side.  Add lemon grass, and chicken to the pot . Stir well.  Seasoning with salt, sugar and fish sauce. Pour water and let the meat cook.  In a mean time. Place tamarind in a small bowl, spoon hot soup over and separate the tamarind seeds with spoon, pour tamarind sauce back in the pot and repeat the process till all the seed out.  When the meat cooked, add Asian Water Spinach (Ta-Kuon).  Add mix herbs, hot pepper and toasted garlic in to the soup. Stirs.  Serve hot with rice

Do not over cook the vegetable.

This soup is prepared by Mylinh.