This page was designed to help you learn and/or review new words in Khmer by using 2 types of exercises:   flashcard and matching.


In this exercise, you can click on the "flip card" button to check the English meaning of a Khmer word.  Click on this button again to bring you back to its Khmer counterpart.    You can check the meaning of a word as many times as you want.  The "next card" button will lead to a new word.  After you can remember a word's meaning, you can "remove card" if you want.  Clicking the "restart" button will reload the entire set of words.


The matching exercise allows you to practice the same set of words as the flashcard using the technique of matching.   You can click on any pair of words.  If they're matched, beautiful images will come up.  If not, nothing will happen.  You can restart the exercise as many times as you want by clicking on "new game".  If you want to check your answers, click on the "answers" button.  After you're done, simply click on the "back" button to go back to the matching exercise.