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The 33 consonants are divided into two series: First series and Second series

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    Click the letter to hear how each consonant pronounced.  Repeat after each till you recognize each letter and its sound.



The green consonants are the first series consonants and the blue consonants are the second series consonants.


All Khmer consonant, there is an inherent vowel.  The inherent vowel for the first series consonant is ( ) /AA/ and the second series consonant is (អឨ ) /OO/.


Each Cambodian consonants has a sub-consonant version, except the consonant " " which has no sub-consonant.


Consonant " " has two sub-consonants.  You will find the uses of each sub-consonant in the sub-consonant.


When two consonants are pronounced consecutively within a word, the second consonant is written in a special sub-consonant form below the first consonant.  There is a link to Cambodian sub-consonants below.


The first series consonants " " and "" have the same pronunciation.  The words that are borrowed from Sanskrit are more often used with consonant . You can look at the example of this word by clicking on the consonant in the chart above.


The second series consonants" " and "" have the same pronunciation.  The consonant "" is rarely used.  You can look at the example of this word by clicking on the consonant in the consonant chart above.


There are some diacritics that are used to change the first series consonant to the second series and vice versa.


Cambodian has a great variety of attractive and artistic styles.  The Cambodian round style letters are generally used for titles, proper names and inscriptions on signs and public buildings.

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