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    Please wait for status line to show "question loading done" before pressing the "Start" button.
Further directions can be found below the applet.



1.  After you see the "question loading done" message in the status line, press the "Start" button.   You will see a question, a number of Khmer words or phrases, three black lines at the bottom of the screen, and some pushbuttons. You will also see some informational fields some of which are not yet functional.

2. Use the mouse to "drag" words to answer the question.

bulletYou can drag a word by moving the mouse cursor onto it, then pressing the mouse button, and while holding it down, move the mouse.   The word will follow.  Stop dragging by releasing the mouse button.
bulletDrag the words that form your answer.   Arrange them right-to-left as in normal writing.
bulletNote that "word" as I use it here may be any draggable chunk of text: a single letter, a syllable, a prefix of suffix, a word, or even several "connected" words that move together when you drag them.

3.  When you have formed your answer, press the "Judge" button.  After a second or two, you will see symbols display underneath each word.  These symbols tell you if your answer is right or not, and if it is not right, they give you some clues about how to correct it. The symbols are:

bulleta "*" indicates that this word is correct and is in the correct position.
bulleta "I" indicates that there is one (or more) missing word(s) here, and so word(s) should be Inserted (or possibly moved from another location in the answer.
bulleta "S" indicates that the word here is wrong.  A different word should be Substituted.
bulleta "><" pair indicates that the two words above them should be swapped; that is, they are in the wrong order.
bulleta "D" indicates an extra word. This word should be Deleted.  Do this by dragging it above the line.

Note that the symbols are hints as to how to fix your answer - they may not tell you the most direct way to fix it. These hints work best when your answer is almost right. They may not be useful if your answer has multiple errors or is just nonsense.

4. You can move to the "Next" or "Prev"ious question at any time when the corresponding button is not grayed by clicking on the button. You will not be notified when there are no more questions - but the "Next" button will be grayed. "Next" is grayed until the questions are loaded. (Note that a "grayed" button is disabled.)