First select the number of players (or teams) from the drop down list.
Next, click on New Game. The appropriate number of game tokens will be placed on the game board. You may begin your token to the North, East, West, or South of any country.   Move your token in a clockwise direction.
Team 1 (T1) should go first by clicking the Roll Dice button. Move your token the indicated number of spots.  If you are able to reach a country given that roll of the dice, you may land on the country and you can select a question.

Choose a point value for your question first from the drop down list,   then click the Deal Question button.

When you are satisfied with your answer, click the Judge button at the bottom. If your answer is correct, you will be awarded the selected number of points.  If incorrect, those points will be deducted from your total score.  First player (or team) to 25 wins the game.

Remember to advance the Whose Turn? choice list to the next player when it is the next player's turn. Faliure to do so will result in points being awarded (or deducted) from the wrong player..

Note:  You are limited to a maximum of 12 points from any one country.