Lesson Ten
Review Exercises Lessons 6 - 9
Part A - Exercises 1 and 2  (use pencil and paper to do this exercise).

Listen carefully to each of these sentences, then write the correct diacritic marks over the main vowel of each word and add the marks to:
, , and
Bai tap 1 - Exercise 1
John Chi i au o, chi Sue?
Sue Toi i en truong dai hoc Le Loi.
John Chi lam gio do the?
Sue Toi hoc tieng Thai.
John The a? O lop tieng Thai co nhieu sinh vien khong?
Sue Khong nhieu lam, co khoang muoi bon sinh vien.
John Va co bao nhieu giao su?
Sue Co mot giao su Thai, mot giao su nguoi Viet va mot giao su nguoi Canada.
John Giao su nguoi Canada noi tieng Thai co gioi khong?
Sue Co, ong ay noi gioi lam.
John Truong Le Loi co may thu vien?
Sue Co bon, nam thu vien.
John O thu vien co nhieu sach tieng Thai khong?
Sue Co, o thu vien co hieu sach tieng Thai lam.

Bai tap 2 - Write in the proper classifier word (use paper and pencil to do this exercise).
1- Anh co t ien khong? Co. Anh co may ________?
2- Ba co ong ho khong? Co. Ba co may  ________?
3- Ch co ti-vi khong? Co. Ch co may ________?
4- Ch co v khong? Co. Ch co may ________?
5- Anh co but khong? Co. Anh co may ________?
6- Ch co con cha? Roi. Ch co may ________?
7- Nha ay co bao nhieu _________ ban?
    Nha ay co hai _________ .
8- Va co bao nhieu _________ ghe?
    Da, (co) chn _________ .
9- Gia nh co co bao nhieu _________?
    Gia nh toi co bay _________ .
10-Anh co bao nhieu _________ sach tieng Viet?
     Toi co khoang mi lam _________ .


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