Bai Mi Hai - oi thoai
Lesson 12 - Dialog


In this lesson on TRAVEL and ENTERTAINMENT you will learn:
  • The use of imperative terms:
    i, hay, ng"
  • New patterns:
    * In question forms:
    ..... bao gi cha?"
    ..... lan nao cha?"
    ..... may lan roi?"
    * In negative answer forms:
    ..... khong ...... bao gi ca."
    ..... cha ........ lan nao ca."

Phan A: Cau mau - Patterns
oi thoai A1 - Dialog A1
Hear the Whole Dialog
Marie and Pam are good friends who live in Vietnam.  Pam studies at the University of Hanoi.  They meet mid-morning.

spkr1.gif (282 bytes) Marie:


Ch an sang cha?
Cha, toi cha an sang v toi day muon va s len lp khong kp.  Ta i uong ca-phe i.
Ch (a) en quan Trang tien bao gi cha?
Roi. Ca-phe o ngon lam va quan o cung gan ay lam.
Ta i bo c.
Vay th ta en quan o i.

T vng (Vocabulary)

s be afraid
len lp to go to class (to go up to class)
kp to be in time
.... i Imperative, I urge you
en o bao gi cha? ever yet gone there
Toi s len lp khong kp. I was afraid I'd be late to class
Ta i uong ca-phe i. Let's go drink coffee!
Hai ch Marie va Pam i au uong ca-phe?
Ho en o bang g?

oi thoai A2 - Dialog A2
Hear the Whole Dialog
Bob, who is also a student in Hanoi, comes into the cafe and sits and talks with Pam and Marie.

Anh a i Vnh Ha Long lan nao cha?
Roi, toi i Vnh Ha Long roi.
Anh i may lan roi?
Toi i ba, bon lan g o.  Nhng toi muon i mot lan na.
Con ch, ch a i lan nao cha?
Roi, toi i mot lan thoi.  Vnh Ha Long rat ep nhng ng i met lam.  A nay, Viet Nam anh a xem mua roi nc
bao gi cha?
The th toi nay anh i xem vi toi va ch Pam c khong?

T vng (Vocabulary)

Vnh Ha Long Ha Long Bay, on the northern coast
lan time, occasion
lan nao which time,
lan nao cha? any time yet
may lan roi? how many times already?
na more
lan na (more times) again
A nay Oh say!
mua roi nc water puppet show
the/vay th... in that case...
Anh a i Vnh Ha Long lan nao / bao gi cha? Have you ever been to Ha Long Bay?

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