Bai Mi Ba - oi thoai
Lesson 13 - Dialog


This lesson presents telephone conversations to different parties.  It also introduces:
  • The use of new patterns:
    * Question forms:
    ..... au khong?"    = ..... any where?
    ..... g khong?"      = ..... anything?
    ..... ai khong?"      = ..... anyone?
    * Negative answers:
    ..... khong ...... au ca."    = ..... nowhere at all.
    ..... khong ...... g ca."      = ..... nothing at all.
    ..... khong ...... ai ca."      = ..... no one at all.
  • The use of "va"and the use of "xong"
    Va + verb" indicates the action that has recently happened.
    "verb +
    xong" indicates the action is finished.
  • The use of "mi" as adverb of time, and as conjunction

Phan A: Cau mau - Patterns
oi thoai A1 - Dialog A1
Hear the Whole Dialog
Jane and Rob study Vietnamese in the same class. Jane wants to invite Rob to go and eat; so she calls him on the telephone. Rob's telephone rings and he answers, 'Hello'.

spkr.gif (282 bytes) Jane:
Alo! Anh Rob ay a? Jane ay.
A, chao ch Jane.
Toi nay anh (co) nh i au khong?
Toi nay toi cha nh au ca. Ch co muon i au khong?
Toi nh mi anh i an cm vi toi.
O, hay lam! Ch nh may gi i?
Bay gi anh en on toi nhe.
, bay gi toi en.

T vng (Vocabulary)

ien thoai telephone
NAME ay/o a? Is that NAME?
mi to invite
O... Oh!...
hay lam good, very good
on to meet, pick up
Anh i au? Where are you going?
Anh i au khong? Are you going anywhere?
Toi cha i au ca. I'm not going anywwhere

oi thoai A2 - Dialog A2
Hear the Whole Dialog
The telephone rings in Hien and Nam's house, and Hien answers, 'Alo'



Alo! Toi muon noi chuyen vi anh Nam.
Da, anh Nam khong co () nha. Anh ay va i cach ay khoang na tieng; co le nam gi chieu mi ve. Xin loi,
ch la ai vay?
Da, toi la Kim, lam cung s vi anh Nam.
The a, ch dan g khong?
Sau nam gi toi goi lai vay.....A, toi hen anh ay i xem phim toi nay. Nhng toi nay toi co chut viec nen se khong i c.
Toi se noi lai vi anh ay nh vay. So ien thoai ch la g?
Da, la so bay sau nam khong bon.

T vng (Vocabulary)

co nha be at home
cach ay ago (distant from here)
na half
co le perhaps
cung together
cung s in the same office
The a (Friendly) really
The a (Polite) really
dan to tell, advise
dan g khong? leave any message?
goi to call
goi lai to call/ring back
hen to have appointment with
co chut viec be busy, have some work
noi lai to tell
nh vay/ the like so
so ien thoai telephone number
khong zero in serial numbers

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