Bai Mi Chn - oi thoai
Lesson 19 - Dialog


This final lesson will take you to the restaurant for a good meal.  So learn the name of the different foods well, then use them in all the patterns you already have learned to give yourself a delicious meal, which you richly deserve.

Phan A: Cau mau - Patterns
oi thoai A1 - Dialog A1
Hear the Whole Dialog      
Ong ba Brown sang Viet Nam chi. Ba Brown la ngi Viet song nc ngoai a lau roi. Sau khi tham gia nh ba Brown Ha Noi, ho i vao mien Trung tham a nang. Ho khach san Phu Loc. Bay gi ho ban ve ba cm chieu.

Ba Brown:

Ong Brown:
Ba Brown :

Ong Brown:
Mnh i tiem an Phu Vinh nhe.   Ngi ta noi tiem Phu Vinh co tieng nhat a Nang ay!
Ho co nhng mon nao?
Nhng mon an ac biet mien Trung, nhng khong cay lam, rat thch hp vi ngi nc ngoai.  Ho cung nau may mon ac san cua hai mien Nam va Bac.
Nghe hay lam! Mnh en o (e) an cho biet.

T vng (Vocabulary)

ba cm chieu the evening meal
ngi ta people
co tieng be famous, talked about
mon dish (food), particular kind of food
ac biet be special
cay be spicy
thch hp vi be suitable to
nau to cook
ac san be a specialty
nghe it sounds
cho biet in order to know
co tieng nhat a Nang ay! is the most famous in Danang!

oi thoai A2 - Dialog A2
Hear the Whole Dialog
Ong ba Brown i vao tiem an Phu Vinh.

spkr.gif (282 bytes) Ngi phuc vu:
Ba Brown:
Ngi phuc vu:
Ong Brown:
Ba Brown:
Chao ong ba.  Xin mi ong ba ngoi ban nay.
Cam n anh.
ay la thc n. Ong ba co muon uong g trc khong?
Co, hay cho toi mot ly bia va cho nha toi mot ly nc cam.
ng! Toi cha muon uong g ca.

T vng (Vocabulary)

phuc vu to serve, attend to
ngi/co phuc vu waiter, waitress
xin mi please (More gracious than mi alone)
thc n menu
....trc first
nha toi my spouse
co uong g khong? drink anything?
cha muon uong g ca not yet want to drink anything

oi thoai A3 - Dialog A3
Hear the Whole Dialog   

Ngi phuc vu:
Ong Brown:
Ba Brown:
Ngi phuc vu:
Ong Brown:

Ngi phuc vu :
Da, ong ba dung g?
Cho chung toi mot bat hu tieu va mot bat mien ga.
Hom nay co mon g ac biet khong anh?
Da co, canh ga nhoi tht va banh cuon.
Cho chung toi mot da banh cuon nhe. Con - cac mon bo - mon nao ngon, anh?
Da, bo xao xa t ngon lam. Nhng hom nay chung toi co nam ti. Ong ba nen dung th bo xao nam xem.

T vng (Vocabulary)

dung to use, have (as in eating)
dung g? What will you have? (More polite than an g)
hu tieu a variety of rice noodle soup
(tht) ga (flesh of) chicken
mien thin mung bean noodles, vermicelli
mien ga mung bean noodle soup with chicken
canh wing (of a bird, chicken, or an airplane)
nhoi to stuff (with)
canh ga nhoi tht chicken wing stuffed with meat
da( southern)
plate, serving
xao to stir fry
xa/sa lemon grass
t chili peppers
bo xao xa/sa t beef stir fried with lemon grass and chili
nam mushroom
ti be fresh
Verb + th to try out Verb
Co mon g ac biet khong? Do you have any special dishes?
Cac mon bo (nay) mon nao Of these beef dishes which one
ngon? is good?
Ba nen dung th mon nay xem. You should try this dish to see (how it is)

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