Bai Hai - Lesson 2
oi thoai - Dialog (continued)

Cau mau - Patterns

oi thoai A2 - Dialog A2
Hear the Whole Dialog

Minh : 
Minh :     
Bay gi anh au?
Toi Los Angeles. Con ch, bay gi ch au?
Toi cung Los Angeles. The anh vung nao Los Angeles?
Da, vung Westminster
Anh pho nao Westminster?
Da, pho Clinton.
Anh so may pho Clinton?
Da, so mi hai.

T vng (Vocabulary)

at, in on (Preposition)
vung area, suburb
pho (northern dialect) street
ng (southern dialect) street
so number
so may what number
Anh vung nao Los Angeles? Which suburb in Los Angeles do you live in?

oi thoai A3 - Dialog A3
Hear the Whole Dialog


Ch cung Los Angeles, the a ch ch la g?
Da, toi so mi chn pho Manchester vung Englewood. Trc, toi vung Hawthorn.
The a?

T vng (Vocabulary)

a ch address
trc before, previously
Trc, toi vung Hawthorn. I lived in Hawthorn before.
The a? Is that so?

oi thoai A4 - Dialog A4
Hear the Whole Dialog

Ch hoc au?
Toi hoc trng Cornell. Con anh hoc au?
Toi ra trng roi. Bay gi toi lam cho Bo Ngoai giao.

T vng (Vocabulary)

hoc to study
trng (hoc) school
ra trng/ tot nghiep to finish (leave) school, graduate
lam to do, to work
bo government ministry
ngoai giao foreign affairs (in U.S.A.: State Dept.)

So em (Numbers)

mot one
hai two
ba three
bon four
nam five
sau six
bay seven
tam eight
chn nine
mi ten
mi mot eleven
mi hai twelve
mi ba thirteen
mi bon fourteen
mi lam fifteen
hai mi twenty
hai mi mot twentry one
hai mi lam twenty five  ..................
ba mi thirty
ba mi mot thirty one
ba mi lam thirty five
bon mi forty
bon mi mot forty one ......................
mot tram 100
mot ngan/nghn 1000
mot van 10.000
mot tram nghn 100.000
mot trieu 1.000.000
(mot) tram linh/le ba 103
bon tram linh/le bay 107
tam tram tam mi bay 887
l906 mot nghn chn tram linh sau
1960 mot nghn chn tram sau mi
(mot) tram ri 150
(mot) nghn ri 1500
15.000 (mot) van ri/mi lam nghn
mot trieu ri 1.500.000
2,50 ong (Vietnamese dong) hai ong ri [notice that number under 100 the spelling of " ri" is different than for numbers over 100 (ri)]
99,50 chn mi chn ong ri
chn tram ri ong 950,00
hai nghn ri ong 2.500,00
bon mi lam forty five

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