Bai Chn - oi thoai
Lesson 9 - Dialog


  • New vocabulary for transportation and directions
  • The pattern "bang g?"
  • New patterns:  "phai + verb" and "e + verb"
  • The use of a double question (question within a question)
    co biet + a complete question + khong?"
  • The informal use of new question words:
    "action +
    ha?", "action + a?", "action + a?"
  • The informal answers:
    da vang", "vang a", ""
  • The use of: "nen" and "tai" as conjunctions

Phan A: Cau mau - Patterns
oi thoai A1 - Dialog A1
Hear the Whole Dialog
Intro: Anh Vu va ch Uyen ang hoc mot trng ai hoc Texas.

Ch co muon i th vien vi toi khong?
Khong, toi phai i bu ien bay gi.
Ch i bu ien (e) lam g?
Toi muon i mua mot t tem va phong b. The anh i th
vien ha.
Vang. Toi i (e) oc bao.  nha khong co bao tieng Viet nen toi phai i th vien (e) oc.

T vng (Vocabulary)

muon to want
vi with
phai Verb to have to Verb
e verb in order to Verb
t a little, few
Ch i bu ien e lam g? What are you going to the post office for?
cai(No.)/con(So.) tem postage stamp
(cai) phong b envelope
...ha isn't that so?
bao newspaper
nen therefore

oi thoai A2 - Dialog A2
Hear the Whole Dialog

Anh i lai th vien bang g?
Toi i bang xe o-to. Con ch i bu ien bang g?
Bu ien gan ay, khong xa lam, nen toi i bo, mat nam
phut thoi.

T vng (Vocabulary)

lai Place to come to Place
bang by means of
xe vehicle
xe o-to(No.), xe hi(So.) automobile
i bo to go by foot, walk
mat to lose, spend
Anh i lai th vien bang g? You're going to the library by what means?

oi thoai A3 - Dialog A3
Hear the Whole Dialog


Xin loi, anh co biet nha khach au khong?
Da biet. Nha khach gan trng Luat.
i the nao, anh?
Bang xe ap th t ay ch i thang, en pho Cao Ba Quat th re tay mat. Trng Luat ben tay mat th vien va ben tay trai cong vien. Nha khach ang sau trng Luat, va ben canh nha khach co mot bai au xe.

T vng (Vocabulary)

tai in, at
nha khach guest house
thue(No.), mn (So.) to hire, rent (from)
chiec classifier for vehicle
ap to pedal
xe ap bicycle
ng way, road
hoi to ask
trng Luat Law School (general term)
trng ai hoc Phap Ly College of Law in Hanoi
th (so) then
thang be straight
re (No.), queo (So.) to turn
tay mat/phai on the right hand, to the right of
ben side
tay trai on the left hand, to the left (of)
(ben) canh beside, next to
au to stop/park a vehicle
bai au xe parking space
khong biet ng i do not know the way to go
co biet nha khach au khong? Do you know where the guest house is? 
cong vien public park

[Dialog Translation]

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