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This Overview of the Vietnamese Web pages is intended to give you some idea of its contents so that you know how to find what you need or what might interest you - a kind of navigation guide. The core of this site is a series of 20 Lessons for teaching you Spoken Vietnamese. A Guide To Pronunciation is an interactive resource that lets you hear all of the sounds of the language: consonants, vowels, and tones. If you want to learn just enough language for travel, you can click on Quick Vietnamese for Tourists. If you need information on travel or currency, follow those links. Music sung by young artists, Vietnamese, Canadian and Chinese, can be found. There is also an excellent link to News in Vietnam. You will find a Map of Vietnam that allows you to click on the names of major cities that you want to see pictures of and to hear the names pronounced by clicking on the speaker icon next to the name. If you are interested in Food, you will see pictures of many dishes, recipes, and how to pronounce the names of the dishes, fruits, and vegetables that are used in cooking. There is a special page for teaching how to address people outside the home and within the extended family as well. As a fun way to practice your vocabulary, we have included Flash Cards and Matching exercises. Before you get started you will need to read the Notes on the Vietnamese Font.

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