Download Vietnamese Font
 SEAsite Vietnamese Font (Windows 3.1/9x/NT): Download the VNI Times Font (courtesy of VNI Software).
 Seasite Vietnamese (Macintosh): Download the VNI Times Font

Note for Using the Vietnamese Font in Browsers

 In many browsers SEAsite Vietnamese text will (still) not display correctly unless you explicitly tell the browser to use the
VNI font.
 The method you use to tell you browser to use a particular font varies from one browser to another - it may even change from one version to another. Here are two examples:
 In Netscape 4, go to Edit/Preferences/Fonts and choose "VNI Times" in the "Variable Width Fonts" item.  You might try clicking on "Use Document-Specified Fonts, including Dynamic Fonts" first, but it seems not to work on many
 In Internet Explorer 3, go to View/Options and click on Font Settings button, and set "Proportional Font " to "VNI Times".
 Changing to one of these fonts will allow the Vietnamese text to display correctly. Normal English will also display
correctly, although it will look a bit different than the default font your browser normally uses. If you like, after you are finished
looking at Vietnamese pages, you can use the same procedure to change back to the default font, which is most
often "Times Roman" size 12.
Question regarding VNI Time font, contact

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