Ngy thứ năm Day 5
i tham quan vng ngoại bằng xe but. A tour/visit to the suburbs of Saigon City.
du lịch/tham quan sightseeing/tour
chạy to run, to depart
mấy giờ? what time?
đi đu? go where?
v/giấy ticket
xe tốc hnh express bus
đi khứ hồi/cả đi cả về round trip/to go and to come back
bến xe du lịch/tốc hnh bus depot/station
Bến xe ny l bến xe du lịch đi ngoại , phải khng? Is this the inter-city bus depot for touring the other provinces?
vng/miền area
Ty West
Bắc North
ng East
Nam South
Ty Ninh Ty Ninh is the name of a province in the South of Viet Nam.
Ta Thnh Cao i Cao i Church (A religious sect in Viet Nam)
Cha Pagoda/Buddhist church
Ti muốn đi xem Ta Thnh Ty Ninh. I wish to go sightseeing at The Cao ai Church.
V/Giấy đi khư hồi bao nhiu? How much is a round trip ticket?
Chỗ ny ở vng Ty Bắc, phải khng? This place is in the Northwest region, isn't it?
Mấy giờ xe chạy? What time does the bus leave?
Bến xe du lịch c gần Ta Thnh Ty Ninh khng? Is the bus station near the Cao ai church?
i mất bao lu? How long is the trip?

Ni chuyện x giao


Small talk with people on street



sinh vin student
học to study
ngnh branch of study
bao giờ when?
ra trường to graduate
đại học university
trung học middle school
tiểu học elementary school
miền area
biển sea
hay or
ni mountain
tiếng Anh English language
lịch sử History
kinh tế Economics
chnh trị Political Science
y khoa Medicine
dược khoa Pharmacy
nha khoa Dentistry
Anh l sinh vin, phải khng? You are a student, aren't you?
Anh học g? What are you studying?
Năm thứ mấy? What year?
Bao giờ anh sẽ ra trường? When will you graduate?
Nh anh ở đu? Where is your house/Where do you live?
Gần biển hay gần ni? Near the beach or the sea?
C vườn/đồn điền tri cy khng? Is there fruit tree plantations?
Second person replies: Dạ vng ny c nhiều vườn tri cy. Yes, this area has many fruit tree orchards.
Tri cy g? What kind of fruits?
C ngon khng? Are they delicious?
chua sour (in taste)
ngọt sweet (in taste)
Tri cy đ chua hay ngọt? Those fruits are sweet or sour?
vườn garden/orchards
tri cy fruits (click to learn the names of fruits)
đồn điền plantation
c ph coffee
tr tea
cao-su rubber
Miền/Vng đ c g? What do you have in that area?
C đồn điền g? What kind of plantations?
ồn điền c ph hay tr? Coffee plantations or tea plantations?
Second person replies: Dạ, đồn điền cao su. There are rubber plantations.


Contents prepared by Dan Dan Tu
Designed by Hieu Nguyen
Audio by Trung Van Vo