Quick Vietnamese for Seven Days in Country

        Quick Vietnamese for Tourists is a series of short conversations for tourists that should be useful in getting around Vietnam and talking to the Vietnamese. The conversations are organized as if you were to spend a week in Vietnam, with a total of seven lessons dealing with seven topics that would involve a typical tourist. The top priority is to teach you how to be polite to your hosts so that you can return from your trip with good memories. Being polite is a good way to get help when you are in need and to make friends along the way as you travel. You can show politeness with a smile and gentle tone of voice, as well as with words used to excuse yourself, to show thanks, and to compliment your hosts. The Vietnamese, like most Asians do not respond well to loud and angry talk and confrontations.

        Your task is to memorize the vocabulary and conversations and to practice saying them aloud to yourself, with friends, or Vietnamese speakers that you may know. You don't need to worry about grammar at this point. Set a goal of learning 10-20 words or phrases a day, and you will soon have a lot of useful language at your disposal. "Language is Power!" For a guide to pronunciation and general information on travel click on the links. And happy travels!

Table of Contents

Day One: 1- getting directions to take a bus to go into the city (Saigon, Hanoi, etc.). 2- Checking in at your hotel. 3- Eating at your hotel
Day Two: 1- Handling Vietnamese currency and currency exchange. 2- Getting information to go to a good but not expensive restaurant. 3- At the restaurant: ordering a meal.
Day Three: 1- At a bike shop: renting a bike for a day. 2- Renting a car with a driver. 3- Small talk with the driver. 4- Phrases for medical emergencies.
Day Four: 1- Getting information about a good place to shop for locally made goods. 2- Going shopping: how to bargain for a good price.
Day Five: 1- A day trip outside the city by car. 2- Conversing with people you meets on the trip
Day Six: 1- At a bookstore with your new Vietnamese friend. 2- Asking your friend for advice about what to buy. 3- Finding out about your friend's background: family, hobbies, education.....
Day Seven: Preparing to leave to return to your home country: 1- checking the flight information; 2- reserving a seat on the airport bus or arranging for a taxi; 3- hotel checkout; 4- preparing to go through immigration departure procedure.

Contents by Dan Dan Tu
John Hartmann
Designed by Hieu Nguyen
Trung Van Vo